Q: Where can I find my affiliate link?
You will find your personal affiliate link after logging into this link.

Q: Will you send me the products or do I have to purchase them in order to sponsor the stories?
Neither, the content to sponsor the brand via Instagram stories is provided in the Google Drive folder.
In any case, affiliation is one method that will allow us to figure out how to deal with Influencers for future Drops.

Q: How can I keep track of all the sales I bring to you?
By logging into your personal panel you will be able to view the sales you have brought in and the percentage you are entitled to.

Q: How do I claim the percentage money?
You will not have to make any requests to receive the money; it will be automatically uploaded to your chosen payment method in your account.

Q: What is my affiliate link for and where should I use it?
Your affiliate link will allow us to keep track of all the customers you have brought to the site and you can use it in your stories and bio.

Q: What payment methods and in what can I link them to receive my percentages?
The payment methods through which you can receive your percentage money are PayPal and credit card, also you can link them by going to Payment Settings in the Settings section.

Q: What if I couldn't find my question?
If your important question was not answered, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at mvrclobrand@gmail.com as we would love to further assist you with anything you need!